General Questions

kosmoGLOBAL is a media consolidation site that allows visitors to view, listen and read content from around the world in real-time.
No. Anyone can use the kosmoGLOBAL site without joining up.
For all your comments and questions please write to us via the “Contact” page or email direct to [email protected]
Please read our 'Terms of Use', 'Privacy', 'Disclaimer' and 'DMCA' pages on this site. If you still have a concern or require assistance please email direct to [email protected]

Technical Questions

The kosmoGLOBAL site is accessible from any computer or mobile device that is internet enabled. There are no restrictions on the type of operating system.
In general the faster the operating speed of your computer the better the performance of the web site. The same applies to internet bandwidth and mobile devices.
No. The kosmoGLOBAL site is fully automated and all that is required is for you to click on the selection provided or enter your search requirements.

Financial Questions

No. Membership is free.
kosmoGLOBAL is funded from revenue generated from advertising within the site.